When I return to a place that touched me so much I normally have high expectations regarding everything…I think it’s a normal thing but of course a risk since you can frustrate this expectations…This didn’t happen in Subotica… It was amazing:)

After presenting Raquel to my friends we went for lunch, a strool and a coffee around the city… I verified the first change in the city imediately…4 years ago the first ATM machine was installed here…nowadays…there are ATM machines in every corner!! The rest…completely the same, but with the usual commercial interests ahead. New stores, new bars, but everything keeping an old but stylish style! “Yanko”, an old friend took some time just to drop by and say hello:)

We went to Kristina’s house to get installed since we were going to sleep there and imagine what was the first thing Khristina’s mum told me when she saw me: – Luís, guitar!!! It’s incredible how small things are kept in memory:)

The night was starting to get colder but we wanted to return to our bar “Sax”, to eat Burek, and to feel Subotica like we did before! There are things that doesn’t change…When we were drinking the old “Vinhaq” on the street before “SAX” we were surprised by an old man selling old money bills. When Keba and Steve told him about my “story”, the man simply offered me an old bill of 100 dinars from the year 1944 while shouting “Figo” and “Ronaldo” and “Portugal”! Only in Serbia:)


The rest of the night was incredible!!! We talked, danced, laughed, and in the middle of the night a girl approached me and just said:

– Luís, I can’t believe it’s you!!! Do you remember me?

– I just said…please help me!! I can’t remember:)

– It’s me, Lidija!!

– No wayyyyyyyyy!:) I can’t belive it’s you!!!!!!!

Lidija is a big friend and I just couldn’t recognize her since she lost 26 Kg…what a change 😉

After we “closed” the bar we went to LIPA and the “burek” luckily didn’t change:) Raquel tasted it after all my descriptions and she liked it!

Reviewing all my friends, doing the same things I did before, and having a lot of fun!! This was one of the most intense days ever…


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  1. Luis /

    Hi my friend:)
    I have pictures but right now they are on a plane going back to Brussels in my laptop! Lets wait until the 10th January:)

    Happy new year

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