O que fazer no fim de semana

Bem…são 17:19, já devia ter saído do trabalho, mas resolvi dar-vos uma pequena ideia do que decidimos:






Plan Saturday:

Café Belga Brussels 12:00 –> Lille 13:30 (Lunch and around Lille in the afternoon)
18:00 Lille –> Paris 20:30 (Time: 02h24 including 02h10 on motorways / Distance: 226km including 219km on motorways)
We don’t sleep guys..it’s a NUIT BLANCHE OK!!! We have fun!!We party all night long!!! We can sleep a bit in the car, in a park or in someone else friends house?!????Anybody?:)


After having breakfast in MontMartre:) We can then take a strool around there and at lunch time we can eat a sandwich close to the Seine while checking how the Eifeel tower looks in the morning…No stress..just feel the city:) Paris ??:?? –> Brussels (We’ll be back at 20:00 maximum to Brussels) Time: 03h04 including 02h42 on motorways
– Toll costs: 13.10*2 = 26.20 EUR – Petrol: 0 € :))))))

PLEASE CHECK OUT the Nuit Blanche program because there ara a lot of things happening and we could choose related to our personal preferences..I’m an easy guy:
(Toute la nuit dans les Quartiers Nuit Blanche, une trentaine de bars, cafés et restaurants aux couleurs de la manifestation restent ouverts jusqu’à 7h du matin.)

Isto significa que segunda…há muita coisa para contar;)

Bom fim de semana


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    É só ramboia!!! 😉

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