Sunday of memories

After a great lunch prepared by Khristina’s mother with Goulash soup, meat and boiled fruit we went to Palic for a walk 🙂

Palic it’s a park created next to a very nice lake very close to Podrum Palic, the company where I’ve worked during that time… The walk started this way and it was a great moment to review the place and to take great pictures that I will upload as soon as possible 🙂

During this day we just took some time to review all the great places that I had in my memories…but of course there was a special moment… The return to the dormitory, the return to our bedroom…

“Four years ago when I was going to leave Subotica heading towards Belgrad to catch the plane back to Portugal we discovered that my train departure time was a bit earlier than what I was expecting… This way we didn’t have any time left to open the last home made Port Wine bottle my father had just sent a few days before…”

That time, Keba and Steven followed my train when I was leaving and shouted – “We’ll wait for you to open this bottle…” Since that time I always tell this story when someone asks me how a Serbian is and how he acts, how it feels and keeps a friendship… Even if they weren’t be able to keep the wine…the intention was there and they were going to do an effort for sure.

In fact they really kept the bottle unopened for 4 years, still in the same Portuguese CTT post package, just waiting for my return… I was speechless and touched at the same time staring at the bottle… We opened it in the dormitory… we toasted like we did in the old days, we tasted it in the same way, and it was an amazing moment…. David was there, recently married the day before….Dejan sent messages with cumpliments….Mariana did the same… these people are really incredible.

The night finished with a “Pleaskiavica” (kind of a huge good hamburger with everything) and with a chat in the train station where we waited for an hour and a half for the delayed train…

They ran with the train just like they did before and it was a great “Déja Vu” moment…but without the bottle 🙂

Like they said to me…. I am Serbian in my soul!  



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  1. Andre /

    Very very nice episode!!
    I must confess, in addition, that I´m missing the “Pleaskiavica”….
    Greta meat!!

  2. onur /

    hey luis,
    thanks for the amazing memories posted being one of the guys from that period of an AIESEC trainee in beograd at the time..just felt the same when I returned to those places and saw those real friends around…
    thanks boy!

  3. Susaninha /

    nem posso acreditar q andaste com esse gorro

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