The return..

After an amazing sunny morning in Széged, a city that looks even better in daylight, we caught the train around noon heading towards Subotica. I was very excited and anxious at this moment…I couldn’t believe I would return 4 years later…

We waited half an hour for the most amazing train we’ve ever took…I mean ever and ever!!! In Serbia this kind of train is called “Chino Bus”:) In fact it looks like a bus, but with the difference that it slides along the train track…so, after all, it is really a train…I it?? With manual shifts, the driver sits right next to us controlling the amazing diesel motor engine…but who cares…It moves:) Besides this the non smoking sign on top of the driver’s chair doesn’t dissuade him of smoking a cigarrete after another like if there was no tomorrow!!

First border control just outside of Hungary..ROSZKE..Passport check…check!

Second border control, Subotica, Serbian entrance…Passport check…check!

I was in 10 km, 15 minutes and I was going to be back but…nop…no no no…the amazing Chino Bus just couldn’t do it…It broke down on this final effort…The driver insisted, and we did the final 10 km at an amazing TGV speed of between 2 and 4 km/h !!!! We could see the kids runing around and crossing the train rail in front of us…It was hard..but the Chino made it 😉


I have a lot of friends over ther in Subotica, but Steve, Keba and Christina are the closest ones…and…there they were…waiting for me…just outside the station, just next to the rail…always on my heart…4 years later…waiting for my return!


The moment was amazing…we were happy, very happy:)


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  1. Andre /

    Nice bus or should I say train… nonetheless made it!!

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