The invitation

Dear all,

It’s all true! Last sunday I’ve aged a year but I’m just like the Port Wine…each year getting better and better 🙂
To celebrate the event and of course to celebrate the celebration of the fact that I’m celebrating something I’ve already celebrated in Portugal, I’m inviting you for a dinner next Friday in Brussels, 28th September, from 20:00 on.

It will be in an incredible restaurant (maybe Portuguese!), so incredible that I still don’t know which one it is!eheheh! This will prove the world that a friend would always follow another friend!eheheh! I’ll keep you posted regarding the restaurant! Of course you can bring your wifes, husbands, lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends, targets and so on!!

CONFIRM ME UNTIL THURSDAY!!BY EMAIL, PHONE, FAX, MSN, GTALK, SKYPE, pigeon, or with signs and pictures along the ring or E40 (Charleroi-Brussels)

To finish, I will leave you with a poem that I’ve especially written for the ocasion, and that I will declame next friday 😉

“Oh Oh Oh merry christmas,
How joyfull you are
Come, sing and join in my friends
I’ve brought my guitar

We have circus acrobats
Flying and dancing, I swear
but in order to see this
Drink a bottle, I don’t care

Oh oh oh my dear friends
We’re all gathered in this restaurant
The first one to leave
Will not receive a “presant” (present updated – to rhyme)

Yours truly,
Zé Tolas (José with two heads),
aka Luís Monteiro

PS: Before sending this invitation I’ve already had 6 confirmations. Joinnnnnnnnnnn! 😉

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  1. Catarina /

    Oh Oh Luis…Your´re not normal as it seems…I´m scared 😉

  2. Susaninha /

    então e o sting? 😛 no restaurante mais famoso de Queijas!!
    Como deves compreender sexta feira não posso, há uma actuação:P

    Beijinhos ******

  3. Magnus /

    Hahaha, thanks for the invite 😉 And ooooh, that restaurant sounds incredible 😀

    I’d love to come hear your poetry recital (did someone say Port Wine?) but Im busy this weekend.

    ps: Ravensburg – Brussel = 676km. I’ll see you soon 😉

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